The Zoo's Animals

Connecticut's Beardsley Zoo exhibits hundreds of animals, primarily from North and South America. Many of the animals are endangered or threatened species, which means there aren't many of them left in the world.

You can learn Animal Facts by clicking on a species name.

Information will be added and updated continually, so please check back soon for even more animals.

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Andean Condor
Bald Eagle
Barn Owl
Barred Owl
Black Cochin Bantams
Black Swan
Black Vulture
Black-Crowned Night-Heron
Blue & Gold Macaw
Blue-eared Pheasant
Blue-Gray Tanager
Cackling Goose
Call duck
Cattle egret
Common Raven
Eastern screech owl
Fulvous Whistling Duck
Great Horned Owl
Green Heron
Guinea Fowl
Harlequin Duck
Hooded Merganser
Indian Blue Peafowl
Mallard Duck
Narragansett Turkey
Northern Pintail Duck
Orinoco Goose
Redhead duck
Ring-Necked Pheasant
Sandhill Crane
Scarlet Ibis
Sebastopol Goose
Snowy Owl
Turkey Vulture
White-bellied Caique
White-lined Tanager
Wild Turkey

African Pygmy Goat
Amur Leopard
Black and Gold Howler Monkeys
Black-tailed Prairie Dog
Brazilian Ocelot
Canada Lynx 
Chacoan Peccaries
Common Vampire Bat
Cotswold Sheep
Dexter Cattle
Domestic Cat
Goeldi’s Monkey
Golden-lion Tamarin
Gray Fox
Guinea hog
Maned Wolf
Mexican Wolf
North American Porcupine
North American River Otter
Pale-faced Saki Monkeys
Pygmy Marmoset
Red Wolf 
San Clemente Goat
Siberian or Amur Tiger
Two-toed sloth
White-tailed Deer



Amazon Milk Frog
American Bullfrog
Axolotl or Mexican Salamander
Cane Toad
Gray Treefrog
Green frog
Hourglass Frog
Pickerel frog
Poison Dart Frog
Smoky Jungle Frog 
Spotted Salamander
Striped Newt 
Waxy Monkey Frog 
Wood frog


Amazon Tree Boa
American Alligator
Black Rat Snake
Boa constrictor
Bull Snake
Common Snapping Turtle
Diamondback Terrapin
Eastern Box Turtle
Eastern Milk Snake
Emerald Tree Boa
Green Iguana
Inland Bearded Dragon
Mata mata Turtle
Musk turtle
Northern Pine Snake
Northern Water Snake
Red-footed Tortoise
Spotted Turtle
The Wood Turtle
Yacare Caiman



Bess Beetle
Giant Vinegaroon
Giant Water Bug
Honey Bee
Northern Walking Sticks
Praying Mantis
Striped-knee Tarantula, A.K.A. Zebra knee Tarantula

Striped Raphael Catfish