White-bellied Caique (Pionites leucagaster)

White-bellied caiques have a very loud screeching call that they use even when they fly. They can usually be seen flying
around or perched over the doors in the Zoo's New World Tropics Building. You may occasionally see them walking, or even hopping, around on the Rainforest's floor within the exhibit.

They whistle, make "kissing sounds" and mimic other human sounds. Many times they are referred to as the clowns of the rainforest because of their playful antics and bright colors.


The white-bellied caique stands 9 inches tall. The crown of its head is orange while its cheeks are yellow. Both the back and wings are green. Males and females have the same markings and are the same size


They live in tropical rainforests and prefer trees bordering watercourses.


Northern Brazil between the Amazon River and northern Mato Grosso, west to northern Bolivia, eastern Peru, and eastern Ecuador.


Like most parrots they feed on fruits, including berries, and seeds.

Family Life: 

Caiques nest in hollow trees. The females will typically lay 2 eggs that she will incubate for approximately 26 days. They are generally seen in pairs, family parties and small flocks.


The white-bellied caique is common in most of its range, although it has declined in parts of Brazil due to deforestation.

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