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Super Bowl Wager Required Dancho to Clean the Bald Eagle Habitat in the Winning Team’s Jersey 

Bridgeport, CT, February 6, 2018—The Bald eagles at Connecticut’s Beardsley Zoo welcomed Zoo Director Gregg Dancho to their habitat for cleaning Tuesday morning, a task he hadn’t performed since his own zookeeper days. As dictated by the term so the wager, Dancho wore a (borrowed) Eagles’ jersey while doing his habitat housekeeping.  Zoo directors at Zoo New England in Boston/Stoneham, Mass., and Roger Williams Park Zoo in Rhode Island will also clean animal enclosures. All of the losing zoos will also donate $1,000 to conservation work or a youth-focused program to the winning zoos:  Philadelphia Zoo, Elmwood Park Zoo, and Lehigh Valley Zoo, all in the Philadelphia area.

“Unfortunately, I felt certain that the Patriots would win the Super Bowl,” said Dancho. “It was nice to go back to my roots here at Connecticut’s Beardsley Zoo, as I started as a zookeeper 38 years ago. Our animal care staff are truly the behind-the scenes professionals who make our Zoo a treasure for Connecticut.”

He added, “It’s all in good fun. As with everything we do at our nation’s accredited zoos, the focus on conservation and education is ultimately what the wager is about. We’re always looking for ways to spread the word about saving endangered animals and teaching our children the value of preserving nature. We’re all winners in the end.”