Our Wish List

Connecticut's Beardsley Zoo benefits from financial and in-kind donations of every size.* Whether you
want to provide funding toward a project, donate a product, or offer your company's services, you can make a difference at Connecticut's only zoo. 

Connecticut's Beardsley Zoo is a non profit organization which relies on private funding for its operation. All Donations are greatly appreciated. Items donated can greatly extend a department’s budget. All donations to the Zoo are tax deductible, please make sure to fill out a card at the time of donation declaring the value of your item(s). 

How can you be part of this? Read on to find something that sparks your interest, and then contact our Development Department at (203)-394-6573 or (203)-394-6575.

Capital Improvements


Andes Adventure exhibit


Expanded Animal Care Kitchen


Children's Playground





One mid-sized pickup truck for Maintenance Department


One small utility vehicle w/ca/bed/plow (Toro or Mule)                                                                                     


Serum banking freezer


Portable x-ray machine


Automatic defibrillator


Walk-behind lawn mower


Small emergency generator


American flag (approx. 15 X 20)



Site Amenities


Underground wiring for lighting and electrical service


New water line for Zoo pressure


Tree removal and reforestation


Repair to Zoo fountain (pump and re-pointing)


Audio system for New World Tropics Building


Maned wolf termite mound




In Kind Services