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Etiquette Guidelines

For the benefit of our animals, our guests, and yourself, please follow the guidelines and policies below. By reading over and practicing these tips, you are doing your part to ensure that all guests and animals have a happy and healthy day at the Zoo.

Please avoid loud noises and shouting. Animals have feelings too. Please do not tap or bang on exhibit glass.

Chasing the guinea fowl and other free roaming birds is not permitted.

Keep all objects out of the animals’ habitat. Please do not throw or toss rocks, trash or other articles into exhibit areas. Animals may eat the indigestible articles causing them harm or death. If an item falls into an exhibit, please contact a Zoo staff member.

Food and drinks are not allowed inside of any Zoo buildings. The same applies to smoking.  Smoking is permitted in posted areas only.

For the safety of both humans and animals, please remember no guest shall go over, under, between or otherwise cross any guardrail, fence, moat, wall or other safety barrier. It is unsafe to sit on, stand on or hold children over such barriers.

Zoo animals have specialized diets. All of our animals get room service. Our keepers prepare special meals for each of our animals. People food is not on their menu, so please do not share your food with them.

Please help with our conservation efforts by disposing of your plastic, glass and aluminum in the appropriate recycling receptacles.

There are many growing things throughout our Zoo. Help us keep them alive for all to enjoy by not climbing the trees, picking flowers, or disturbing the landscape.

Running, shoving, or climbing of rocks and trees is not permitted at the Zoo. 

Bikes, roller skates, roller blades, skateboards, scooters are not permitted.

For the welfare of our animals, no pets are permitted in the Zoo.

Please listen to and follow instructions of staff.

Most importantly learn about our incredible animals and HAVE FUN!